September 1, 2018

You can now buy the brand new floral collection 2018 - 2019. You can find the designs printed on various items and sizes. New collections are coming soon. Stay tuned :)


January 16, 2018

A little something to inform business in Cyprus or in any other country about branding and identity design.

December 20, 2017

Αυτό το καλλιτεχνικό / φωτογραφικό δίδυμο, που λέτε, το είχα βάλει στο μάτι από καιρό. Επιτέλους συντονιστήκαμε και κάτσαμε για να γνωρίσω καλύτερα τον Axel Savvides και τη Φωτεινή Μηνά, ή αλλιώς τους Axel & Fo.  

Axel, μετά από τόσους μήνες που λέμε γι’ αυτό το interview, τι άλλαξε τώρα και τα καταφέραμε;
Ναι, το λέγαμε καιρό τώρα και για να λέμε την αλήθεια περίμενα να ετοιμάσω κάτι καινούριο μιας και αυτή τη φορά ήθελα να παρουσιάσω το project Axel and Fo. Ένα φωτογραφικό project που το τρέχουμε για την πλάκα μας εδώ και αρκετά χρόνια και είναι κάτι που μας γεμίζει και μας εξιτάρει. Κάθε νέο project περνά μέσα από μία χρονοβόρα διαδικασία έρευνας και τρελού brainstorming.

So, ποιος είναι ο Axel;
Ο Axel είναι μία προσωπικότητα που γεννήθηκε χρονιά πριν. Ήμασταν ένα πρωινό στ...

September 14, 2017

Cyprus visuals style is coming to be increasingly prominent in the visuals layout world, specifically in internet visuals style. Cyprus could be an out of the way nation, but Cyprus is the home to some of the most effective and also most gifted internet site visuals developers on the planet. Cyprus visuals design is coming to be so prominent, that when first investigating the topic one could believe that Cyprus was some type of graphic layout software!

A lot of Cyprus visuals layout web site design concerns e-commerce website, business web site visuals design, and shopping cart graphic layout. Cyprus graphic design web site developers have uncovered new and also innovative methods to organise company internet site, including buying carts, queues, magazines, and various other business associ...

December 5, 2016


Nice question!

In theory, any of those (plus others you haven't mentioned, like the open source alternatives Gimp and Inkscape) let you design a business card. If you are particularly proficient with one of them, you might want to consider going for that one to save time. While the three Adobe products have some similarities of use, they all require some learning time. If you have the time, I'd definitely recommend you pick one (spoilers: It's Illustrator).

InDesign's specific purpose is laying out printed materials. That's its strength, you can see it as a way of joining Photoshop and Illustrator elements into a new 'thing'. However, where it shines is with multiple pages (tools like text wrap are extremely powerful). Good thing is: It packages fonts and images all in one file, but file si...

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