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The Adobe InDesign is a popular publishing software that allows creating digital copies of brochures, newsletters, leaflets, magazines, etc. You can design a digital workup of how you want the marketing tool to be and see it come to life at the printers.

From creative texts to intricate images, the InDesign has the power to accomplish it all. Although, originally created for graphic designers and designers, InDesign is slowly become a huge hit among everyone because of its simplicity of use.

So, where can you start learning how to create gorgeous and unique works of marketing art? Look no further than this course!

We have designed this course to get you fully acquainted with the InDesign and all of its features. Don’t have any knowledge regarding designing? No Problem! We have designed the course with beginners in mind, but it also quickly progresses to include more complex concepts as well so experts won’t get left behind either.

In this course, you will quickly learn the Adobe InDesign framework, the framework’s interface, various tools and design features, shortcuts, text framework, working with fonts, incorporating images to relevant texts, styling and even how to export the finished product for printing.

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